Monday, September 13, 2010

Colorado Springs Food Tour

If you are ready to check out and forget about doing dishes and cooking for a day, check into the Colorado Springs Food Tour. I think it's pretty brilliant, with a side of delicious. When I travel places there are so many restaurants I want to try, and by the time I decide on one, I am still thinking about the authentic French creperie down the street or wondering if I should have gone for authentic Mexican food, or freshly made soup across the street. So why not try some of it all and leave those curiosities trailing behind you, and get a real taste of the Springs.

We had been to six stops and had our curiosity fixed. A sampling form six different restaurants. Spices, pizza, salad with sesame dressing, onion rings, french onion soup and of course a french roll, chicken gordita, homemade chips and salsa, horchata, BBQ, and yes even that crepe. I want to tell you what comprised this desert crepe, but you will fly out of your seat, and be gone to Paris Crepes. But it's so good I have to let the crepe out of the bag. It was a blueberry cream cheese crepe that had sprinkles of Graham crackers in it.
And it was only one thirty, plenty of time to make it to the Olympic Training Center and burn it all off, if only watching an Olympic athletes had the same effect...


  1. It's really awesome and seems to be tasty also.Well,do U have more info about the various dishes of Colorado springs food?

  2. Hi Jessica,

    I would also recommend going to Jack Quinn's in downtown Colorado Springs. The atmosphere is very lively and authentic and the food was great! Are you going up there to visit?