Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Eat. Pray. Love. This movie really got me. I admire Elizabeth Gilbert because she drops everything, makes one of the BOLDEST moves and says goodbye to her comfort zone and buon giorno to Italia! A deep look at self discovery allows room for everyone for self reflection. Elizabeth Gilbert is different than the people who travel the world. For her, it’s about living in these places, being comfortable and becoming part of the community.
That’s what this blog is all about. Get up and try new things. EMBRACE! The world. If I had a 401K rolling up, some extra savings, I would do just what she did, and who knows maybe someday I will. And I hope you come with me!
When I travel places I look for the authenticity in the experience. I like to lose my way. . Like the time I was nearly stranded at a monastery in the South of France, and kept thinking, I might have to bunk with a monk! Getting caught up in the atmosphere, culture, people and take the roads that will lead you to the special gems is what really makes memories.
Not every experience is going to be something to write home about, or a blog about. But there is something to be taken from each. I would like to encourage everyone to try something new as these beautiful summer days get shorter. Try a new café and read a book, go on an art walk, read an inspiring article, try a new fruit at a farmers market. You don’t have to have a pretty penny or trade in your vintage antiques. Be creative, curious, have an open mind and find out where it will lead you.
I never want to live in a strict routine. Flexibility and spontaneity can lead to some of the most daring adventures. And what is life without adventure? Nothing.


  1. Very well said! I hope one day you have the same opportunity as her. Your spirit reminds me a lot of hers. Make sure you send me a signed copy of the book if you do!

  2. Ha ohh Aryn! I might need yours first :) It's nice to have a friend who has the same outlook on traveling.