Monday, October 4, 2010

Working it out with a Dyno World Record Holder...Skyler Weekes

Variety is the spice of life, for workouts too. Heart rate pounding, short on breath as I was coached into a new type of workout. Sweating to prove it and make it all worth it. New workouts are always a kick. And in this case it can be a roundhouse, front, or sidekick. Skyler Weekes, his last name does not imply anything related to him or his workouts will make sure you dive into it all. I mean why just do a regular mountain climber, when you can do jumping mountain climbers, and really add that extra impact.

I have not had a one on one personal training session in quite sometime. I suppose putting P90X’s Tony Horton on the big screen could count, he pushes you, wants you to max out and encourages you along the way. But someone right there boxing, pushing and doing burpees (excuse me) right there with you, is what it takes. I tested my limits and am living on energy as a result. Skyler didn’t let me quit. Even when my body was quivering and my mind was (almost) made up that I needed to go into a savasana, Namaste. There are times that you will catch your breath sure, but then you are right back into a boxing combo, lunging, working on your core and everything else Skyler has insider tips on.

Here’s a little bit of info on this guy. He holds four Guinness World Records for the Dyno Competition. That would be 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Drum Roll coming for 2011! But lets back up…Dyno…what? I had to look into it too…today I just smiled and was so caught up with that whole “Guinness Book of World Record Part,” it didn’t matter what dyno was. But for you curious people, it’s a tricky move for experts only! When climbing, and the next move is out of reach, a climber has to leap on the rock face to the next target and catch it. Dynomite. So that’s pretty risky business. Looks like the sky really is the limit for this climber.

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