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Monday, October 11, 2010

Elk Bugling

Have you ever heard an elk bugle? Well, I haven’t either. I thought I might have my chance in Estes Park. Turns out September and October are the mating season for elk. And some of these bull elks even head into town. Surprising considering there is seemingly less privacy when herds of humans are gathering around the elk. Its wildlife watching at its easiest! No binoculars needed, the elk gather in easy viewing places …like the golf course.
So back to the bugle. From what I hear, it starts out as a deep sound that turns to a high pitch and ends in grunts. Sound familiar? Reminds me of Tim The Tool Man Taylor. Some people have heard many elks bugling and the sounds bouncing off each other. Could be an award winning soundtrack.
In the herd of elk that I saw there was a variety. You see a “stud” or maybe more than one. Right away you notice which elk is in control, and his dominating antlers are proof enough. And there was more excitement to add to the day. I learned Bighorn sheep stage their head-butting contests in October and November. I might have to make another trip up by the end of the month.
So you may wonder…really, a drive up to Estes to maybe hear an elk bugle? But here’s the really cool part for me. As much as you think you know your family, there is always more and more to uncover. I later found out my Grandpa, and Uncle, started the hype around elk bugling as a way to promote Estes Park. Could be a fun idea to try and find something new about your family. Ill bugle to that.

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