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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Denvers turn to Rock 'N Roll

Would you look at that, the Denver Rock ‘N Roll Marathon hadn’t even started yet and I was already running (behind). Traffic and the snooze button wouldn’t get me down! Hot pink IPod secure, laces tight at each loophole, race bib pinned…although incredibly crooked. Lucky for me I didn’t run by anyone with OCD. They probably would have been seriously disturbed by my lack of 90 degree angles.
From 14th and Bannock, through the streets of Denver, onto City Park, Cheesman Park and onto finish at Civic Center Park we were in the Denver scene. And those daring enough to do the full marathon got to run along to Wash Park.
How could you not instantly feel like you took a triple shot of espresso with a course lined with crazy costumes, cheerleaders, and bands jamming, and there’s always those funny sings. “Don’t look behind you, but there is an elephant following you.” We were close to the Denver Zoo, and I did sneak a quick peak after I passed the sign holder. Liar.
And for the first time I was given a high five by a cop instead of a ticket. Too bad we couldn’t request who pulled us over, because I would request Jim and swap out a high five for a fine and tickets any day. There is something in the Denver air that lets friendless exuberate. When running past runners, they cheer you on. That’s something I never encountered in high school cross country.
Another half marathon on the feet. There is something special about the energy that is flowing from one person to the next to the next. A good kind of contagious. Like the energy of the announcer at the end. How could you not pick up to a sprint when there are cowbells ringing through the frosty air. These races will never get old, even when I am more than 7 times the amount of the miles in a half marathon…that would be 91.7 years old, I mean young.

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