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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How do you make a trip to Costco Fun? Go with Rick. This guy is a true character, who says you either like me or you don’t. But I have a feeling you would like him just fine. I mean anyone who can make you laugh this much will make sure your day starts turning around, or if didn’t need it to be turned around, it stays on a course. Well…for the most part…sometimes you might fall off course because you are laughing to the point of exhaustion…and you will love it.

Checking out at Costco I noticed his big blue eyes were wide and his head was following the baggers hands from the counter to the cart, from the counter to the cart, again and again. I too noticed that this bagger must be the employee of the month…every month. She didn’t miss a beat; everything packed snug, in order and in a record time! Unlike my packing skills, when the soup cans always smash the bread.

So Rick was up for a challenge…to see if he could pack the car in the same 1:08 seconds it took the talented bagger, to pack the cart
His ears perked up, he stood up and took off out the door. I thought he might blow right past the receipt checker with enthusiasm like that. And without loosing focus he was off, throwing all the groceries in the car. Not a beat missed, and he was in competition with the bagger, only he felt the need to be a bragger too ☺ All in good fun.
Little routines don’t have to be a chore. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never had to clean our car, room or grocery shop for staple items again? At least if you have the willingness to add some spice to it, it will be fun. Attitude really is everything. Don’t be afraid to say ready, go, time for some fun. And don’t be afraid to ask this guy to start packing your groceries, cleaning your car, or checking your emails, I bet he does it in record time.

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