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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breakfast on Broadway

There is something especially sweet about mom and pop types of restaurants. And Breakfast on Broadway, right off South Broadway as one might guess, definitely has all the right ingredients. A cozy atmosphere which has black and white photos blanketing the walls with the historic touch of Broadway. And combined with this is a friendly staff and a menu that is almost impossible to decide from because you want it all, and even the customers really make an impression. It seems rare to meet a customer in a restaurant that inspires you. Well I didn’t exactly meet this customer, but he was definitely the pay-it-forward type. Something most could do a little more of.

When it came time to pay the bill, our waitress started to tell us about a regular they have here. I thought, I could totally relate! I figured I soon wanted to be a regular here. She continued to tell us that he chooses one table about every week, and picks up their tab. I instantly thought what a great idea, and started scanning the customers to see who he might have picked and if we could get a front row seat to see the happiness spill across their face! Maybe balloons would fall from the ceiling all over the table, and the wait staff would cover them in confetti.

“And you guys are who he chose. He is a single guy who works in construction and is of course just a really nice guy.” I couldn’t believe that we had been chosen! Not that it was even about the money, or the feeling of winning something (ok maybe a little, I do go a little nuts when I win a raffle) but the thought that goes along with something like that and the ability to keep on doing it.

I wanted to meet this kind man, but we wee informed he was no longer here. Well I tell you, one of the most common questions people ask is if you could meet ANYONE who would you meet? Oh gosh, how about Nelson Mandela, Rubin Carter (the hurricane) or my Grandma! But this guy was definitely added to my list. I want to know how and why he started paying-it-forward, maybe he was really inspired by something someone did for me. I would also ask if it was too late to get another round of green tea, and the lemon poppy seed French toast (Just kidding!)

I am not telling you this to suggest you go and try to win the kindness that we did, although it completely made over my day. And of course the butternut squash pancakes and Oscar eggs Benedict (asparagus, crab, and of course hollandaise sauce) definitely added a spike! But the real treat was how much a simple random act of kindness, makes you wonder what you could do for someone. Maybe it’s not picking up someone’s tab…but time is money! I could perhaps help scrape off someone’s windshield in honor off the last snowstorm we had?! And you don’t have to decide right now, but it fun to think about isn’t it?

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