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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Solider Hollow Snowshoeing

When you have a hefty handful of places to decide where to snowshoe in Utah, how do you ever decide? At least you really can’t go wrong, especially if you choose to snowshoe across history at Soldier Hallow. I marched myself right over to join the ranks. After all, if you are on the same grounds that qualified to host the Olympics, you don’t need to question if you are on solid ground, you are on gold medal winning territory. Even today National Championships and World Cups are still held here.

Most can associate the history of the place when you learn that the biathlon and cross-country skiing for the 2002 Olympics were held here…and if that’s not enough… it was once a site for Native American Encampment in the 1850’s. And now, you can catch the Heber Valley Pow-wow here in the summer! It’s your chance to get up close to Native American art, traditions and dance, and of course hear some stories! And I hear the fry bread is dynamite!

But with it being winter and all, we had our own pow-wow with the fresh pow pow. Snowshoes strapped in, following trails, sometimes wandering off trails, up mountains and on unclaimed powder this was an adventure that was just calling Carri.

And I know the next adventure to be had here will be on cross-country skis for the actual 5k course in the Olympics. I am sure if the Olympians were racing, I would be lapped, a few times. However, it’s just about the experience, the rush and feeling some of the American Pride circulating right on through you! I’ll salute to that. 

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