Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Miley and me

I walked upstairs completely oblivious to who would soon be my absolute best bud for the next 24 hours. I kept my line in sight right in front of, walking completely past miss Miley. My sister laughed, I questioned her, she pointed, and I melted. I didn’t want to get attached to quickly, so I tried to keep my distance. I walked away, turned back, walked a step forward, turned, and I was toas as I scooped up this yellow lab puppy who had my undivided attention for the day while my sister dog sat.
But there was a problem. You see, she had everyone’s undivided attention that came across her. Everyone wanted to hold her, smooch her, talk to her, play catch with her! Ohh and when this pup plays catch, she catches air too. She leaps and jumps high for that ball, and wrestles it to the ground, then sprints to an opposite corner, leaves it and struts away like nothing happened. And looks up at you with those wide eyes.
I have never fallen in love with anything quite so quickly and surely. I had a good friend of mine try to convince me to get a dog. I never considered it because I was afraid it would eat my homework...and my shoes, heaven forbid!
But I really do now see how a dog is man’s best friend, or any animal for that matter. But I tell you, Miley was loved by everyone right away. You would hug her, and she would stick out her tongue at you! Of course only to lick your cheek. I guess she might of liked us too! I know if she was mine, we would stick together like rama lama lama, cuz that’s just the way it should be!

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