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Sunday, February 27, 2011

National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder CO

Time for a field trip! This time without the big yellow school bus and brown paper bag lunch. A field trip that even adults will find enlightening. The National Center for Atmospheric Research is situated high on Table Mesa Drive in Boulder, Colorado, and is a federally funded research center to study climates and atmosphere.
The goal of the NCAR is to educate people on the systems and atmosphere of the earth, how they change over time, and how we can help improve the environment. The scientists that are employed here, research atmospheric chemistry, climate, storms and interactions between the sun and earth.
Admission is free for everyone, and there are guided tours at noon everyday. If you can’t make noon, no problem, you can do a self-guided tour, but if your noon hour is open M-F, I would suggest hopping on.
You will have the chance to explore exhibits and expand your knowledge on tornadoes and other weather patterns. Catch a glimpse of some of the world’s largest super computers that store all of the dated collected. Grab some fresh air and take a stroll on the Walter Orr Robert Weather Trail, right outside the building. About a .5-mile walk, with different landmarks along the way, about the weather and climate of the area has encountered. Brown clouds, climate zones, fire, flooding, snow, ultraviolet light, and the list go on.
Leaning about the atmosphere is entertaining, and it’s our atmosphere, so lets soak it up.

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