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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fill'er Up Coffee Station

I could feel that it was about time to fill up the cup after a day of nothing but snow. I was at the point where I might have gone for a Styrofoam cup and coffee that could have even been brewed eight hours ago...stale. Well the Fill’er Up Coffee Station in Midway Utah screeched the brakes on that one and welcomed me to come on in!
If national, this place would give the McCafĂ©s and Starbucks of the world a run for their coffee beans! It was refreshing to have some spunk in more than just my coffee cup. I didn’t leave feeling like I was ready to mediate and tune out for the night, I was energized and ready to trek down on that snow!
The husband and wife team of this coffee shop renovated a 1930’s gas station and kept the theme to make the shop stick out! The gas pumps are still there and even Old VW bug driving out of the garage. That’s vintage, and so is all of the memorabilia that decorate the inside!
Get your coffee any way you like it, or maybe a sandwich, or perhaps ice cream and you will find you will eagerly get yourself back here to fill’er up again and again!

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  1. Carri,
    Your post is so accurate and so sweet. My parents ( who own the shop) enjoyed reading it and passing it along to me. Thanks for the posting the pictures too. Very clever. They put so much passion into everything they do. Thank you for appreciating it!
    I vote that they have the best mint hot chocolate too!