Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hit The Refresh Button on Colorado Legislation!

At sunrise I had a feeling it was going to be another good day. Now that it’s five hours past sunset I look back on the day and realize it was more than just a good day. And not just because I looked up in the press area of the state capitol and there was Ed McCaffrey, just like that!
Knowledge is power. I have more of a grasp on the Colorado Legislature than I did when my alarm shook off the nightstand. The U.S. history I learned during school was obviously replaced! What’s a girl to do? Just brush up and keep the questions coming!
CSU day brought me to the capitol to support my alma mater, because well it just matters! Different programs, projects and colleges cam to catch the support of legislators, or anyone that could possibly get them the support of higher education.
The crowds were congregating outside the House and Senate Chambers, so I got in on the buzz. I felt left out, nine out of ten people had on blue name tags, outlined with white lettering. Where could I get mine?! Well that would require me to register as a lobbyist, and of course have a purpose behind lobbying. Not in the cards today, it was time to get to the bottom of the capitol workings.
I got familiar with the layout, basically the first floor is all things Governor, his office, and committees. Hick was most likely in a meeting, so I hit the second floor.
The House and Senate Chambers are here. Every day, while in session from the beginning of January to May, for 120 days, it’s time for Senators and Representatives of the House to get busy on the bills that have been drafted and could be come laws. The chambers are closed to the public, but on my next stop to the third level, I could overlook the chambers and listen in.
I thought I was out for the day, but I started talking, which resulted in more questions. I found that the Committee Hearings are open to the public…well time to pay the parking meter for the second time and stay awhile. Well one hearing, turned to three! And I was at the parking meter once again rummaging for quarters, dimes, nickels!
And this buzz goes on M-F for 120 days, which makes up the legislative session. Looks like I have my new spot in town. Someone hit the refresh button on Colorado government, and now next time I go back I will fill up the brain just a little more and a little more after that!
Of course M-F’s are the hot days to go, but if you ever want to mysteriously develop a cough, a cold, or even the flu…it’s a great way to spend it at the Sate Capitol and get that insight back on our government. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who never lost! If not, you will soon learn which Senator or House Representative represents your district, what bills are on the schedule and a little of the workings on lobbyists. So I lobby for you, get to the capitol and see the traditions that go all the way back to our Founding Fathers.

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