Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bryan and Baxter Haunted Tour

What’s that you say? Halloween is over? Well that doesn’t mean the Halloween tales end, they are always in season with Bryan and Baxter. The daunting duo flaunt their lime green ties, and stark black jackets to bring you a tour bus filled with energetic people and sangria. And best of all, stories about Denver hauntings and history, and their experiences behind it all.
They come from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, and distinguish themselves differently than ghost hunters because they look at the investigations with a scientific approach and never fabricate stories. Just the facts, and hoping for some eerie experiences along the way.
They bring tales of possible ghosts behind the walls at the Croke Patterson Mansion, in the ground of Cheesman Park, behind the doors of the old Children’s Hospital, and many other places that have experienced reports of paranormal activity.
Like the now vacant Children’s Hospital (Downing and Ogden Streets) of Denver, where they spent the night in search of ghosts, before it was torn down. Despite freezing temperatures inside, they wanted to investigate the tales of spooky experiences. They did catch some mysterious noises on tape and saw toys moving with no one nearby.
They do their research, and reveal that the Croke Patterson Mansion may be one of the most haunted places in Colorado. The mansion doesn’t have luck keeping the same owner or residents. The history books have it that the first owner, Thomas Croke, bought the mansion, entered once and never again went back because he had such a frightful experience.
The next guy in line, Thomas Patterson, sold the mansion after he and his family encountered some out of the norm paranormal experiences. Later the not so humble abode, turned into an apartment complex then office buildings and is now sitting big and empty. No one is in line to buy the mansion. ..yet! Who knows how long it will remain available, especially when you hear that employees report that their typewriters, copy machines and phones somehow operated by themselves.
Getting off the bus again, to walk around Cheesman Park, Denver’s first cemetery, it was time for the next ghost story. A fellow by the name of E.P. McGovern was hired to take all of the underground caskets and move them to a different cemetery for nearly two dollars a piece. Now, this was in 1893, so quite the chunk of change for those days. But to make even more money, McGovern dispersed a single body over multiple caskets.
There are still reports from houses near the park of spirits knocking on their doors that are overcome with confusion, possibly because pieces of their corpses were separated, and now they are discom’bod’ulated. And some people have heard people talking but no one to be seen.
Whether you believe these reports are fact or fiction, Bryan and Baxter chat up energetic tales through the night, and sprinkle in some fabulous history along the way, brining you that much closer to Denver’s rich history.

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