Monday, August 23, 2010

Mi Jardin es Su Jardin

There are plenty of beautiful gardens open to the public. But mi jardin es su jardin is especially unique because it’s a man’s personal garden that he opened up to the public. And he didn’t feel the need to open up ticket stand as well! Queue Beuno! Time to get out and see some magnificent flowers, ponds and fish in the pond! I mean there are fish in the pond; I don’t think it would go over well if you actually fished in the pond. Mi pescado es su pescado was not laid out in the guidelines.
Of course the best view is from the top of a tower where you can see gazebos, flamingos, and your fellow gringos! The sight from the top shows a magnificent star pattern of the flowers, one of my favorite views of Boquete!
There is also a playground and even a small chapel. Maybe put in place if you need to confess that you took a fish out of the pond.

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