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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiking in the Cloud Forest

“What was the highlight of Panama?” In response to everyone who asks this question the answer is: hiking in the cloud forest. I love hiking for views, which is why I always choose to on clear days. But know, I think I am going to start hiking ONLY on days with a chance of low level clouds, in a canopy, in a tropical climate, covered in mosses, flowers and plants that look like they are out of a story book. Does any one know of a place nearby? An Hablya guide, Alvero, and I, hiked up to Cerro Punta. My heart was racing from the steep steps and climbing. I kept thinking the clouds might clear up and we could see the mystical views of the Pacific Ocean and town of Boquete. Turns out, you would have had to tear away layers of clouds to see any of that, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have never experienced looking straight out and seeing nothing but clouds. If they could catch me, I would have had more courage to jump into the clouds than I did the in the waters of Los Cangilones de Gualaca. Many people do this hike with out a guide, but I am glad I had one with me! When I took the lead I took a wrong turn, and passed the trail head on the way up. So lucky me, got pulled back in the right direction before venturing into the cloud forest solo. The hike is about six miles and the hihest point you will reach is 6,500 feet. Sturdy shoes are needed, and a tide pen, because you they make get soaked in mud by the time you are coming off Los Quetzals Trail! But a mud, clouds, beautiful scenery…I know I know, enough said, Ill see you there!

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