Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aqua Lounge. A real "Dive Bar"

Aqua Lounge, a neon green bar’ish shack, is the spot for Bocas Del Torro on a Wednesday night. And from the town of Bocas, you can be across the island in less than one minute for one dollar, and you arrive to a true ‘dive bar.’ I knew this because the first thing that got my attention was someone launching off the diving board into the ocean. WOWWOWW!
Bocas Del Torro draws people from every side of the map, and the music followed. Snoop Dogg, to Latin, to some Grease, yes, the musical Grease. I was just waiting for Sandra Dee to take the plunge off the diving board. By about eleven o’clock there was a line for the diving board and people jumping in the water just for the experience.
My best days are spent venturing around the town. Rarely bars or nightlife leave an impact on me, only on my voice having to project to a new level to communicate and my ears tweaking up wondering what in the world was just said by these rum crazed Caribbean people! I am just glad I revaluated my get up before water taxing over. If I wore heels I am almost sure I would have been the only person that pulled out the stilettos over comfortable beach cover-ups and major casual attire, flip flops welcome. So it’s no dress like Miami, but Aqua Lounge is worth a dive.

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