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Monday, August 9, 2010

Caldera Hot Springs And Petroglyphs

You could attempt to find the Caldera Hot springs and Petroglyphs on your own, or you could find a tour guide or group. Lucky for me HablaYa took the lead. We headed to Caldera, about thirty minutes from Boquete. We first took in some history at the Petroglyphs. We climbed up and down the rocks and studied the ancient drawings etched by who knows. My favorite were all the smiley faces, they must have been pretty happy people, and as I looked around in every direction, I could see why.
After the petgroglpyhs you are a short drive 15 minutes away from dipping in the Caldera Hot Springs! The hot springs are located on a private farm, which is another reason why you should go with a guide. We tried out three different hot springs, all different temperatures ranging from 38 to 46 degrees Celsius. And in Fahrenheit that would convert to… PERFECT!
The best part about these hot springs is you feel like you are a modern day Christopher Columbus and stumbled right upon them. They looked untouched, trees streaming across them, up them and rocks lay perfectly around.
Now every time I walk by a pool of water I want to take a quick dip in, but I am sure nothing compares to Caldera.


  1. Nice blog post Carri! We also love the Caldera hot springs!

  2. So great how natural it is, and an adventure to find! What were you in Panama for?