Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boquete Outdoor Adventures Rafting

YAHAAA!!! HIGH FIVE! (With paddles). We made it down the first rapid. No big deal. My new rafting buddy told me I better make sure to hang on tight for the next rapid. She was on her second rafting trip with Boquette Outdoor Adventures, and knew the drill, so I listened in, tucked my foot in tight and focused on the white capped water. On her first trip, she hit a rapid and out of the raft she went. Before she even realized she had fallen out, our guide, Freddy was over her life a rafting angel. Grabbed a hold of that bright orange life vest and placed her right back in her seat, and she was off paddling again, and smiling.
Well, dang. That sounds like fun. I almost wanted to fall out just to experience what a rafting angel looks like. I had no such luck, but luck was in everything else. Luck in finding the most energetic rafting trip I could imagine. From the bus ride…music pumping, people chatting. To hopping aboard the raft with the most outgoing guides you could find. You may sporadically get splashed by a paddle, or hear a “YEEHAA” from the next raft over. And these guides are chefs! Wait till you see the lunch spread.
We paddled down the Chiriquí River, and with all the rain fall from the year, we were hooting and hollering down these class three, nearly class four rapids. And when my rafting buddy voluntarily just popped out of the boat and hit the water, my head whipped around, waiting for Freddy to save her. She was soon in front of the boat, feet first (good thing she paid attention to the safety briefing) and then Freddy was in to! AHHH! I got it, swim time on the calm sections, and I hit the water!
And here comes the safety talk out of me. I would be petrified to go down the racing water without backup, backup meaning safety in numbers. Boquete Outdoor Adventures is premier because the trip is complete with a safety kayaker, and other B.O.A. rafts out there with you.
Boquete Outdoor Adventures offers trips all over the board (check out their website @ and an array of rafting trips. The middle on the line fit me, but hey, if you want to have the best chance of seeing a rafting angle head down the Rio Chiriquí Viejo.

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