Monday, October 12, 2009

Urban Assault Bike Ride

Racing against the clock my teammate and I sprinted through Elitch Gardens for a ride down ‘Splash Mountain.’ Equipped with a bike helmet and gripping tightly to four multicolored beads I closed my eyes as I double checked to make sure the seat belt was securely fastened. I told myself getting drenched from the biggest wave in Denver would be worth adding the fifth bead to the string.
My race partner and I, soaked, sprinted out of the park after grabbing bead number five, in order to prove the challenge was completed. We hopped on our bikes and mapped out the next check point in our heads. Navigating through the streets of Downtown Denver we pulled up to a swimming pool. Before we even had time to think about a strategy, we were swimming across the pool, fully clothed, to collect our final bead.
I quickly learned that no challenge is off limits at The Urban Assault Bike Race. There are six check points set up across the city and each features a different challenge. One challenge was riding under a limbo stick on a mini bike. Other challenges included bike jousting, a three legged race in extra large shoes and a moving newspaper toss. The goal of the race is to map out the most efficient course, ride the fastest and complete the challenges with no hesitation.
After all the beads were collected it was time to pedal in high gear to the finish line, hop on a big wheel bicycle navigating through an obstacle course to splash down to the finish on the water slide.

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