Friday, October 9, 2009

Missing Signs

Driving out of my neighborhood I cranked my wheel as far left as I could to avoid being swallowed by a life size disaster! The biggest pothole I have ever seen was lying right ahead staring hungrily at the bumper of my car. The rainy Colorado summer may have brought out the greenest landscapes I have witnessed but the moisture also brought out a hole in the road that almost damaged my car beyond repair.
As I pulled over to regain my composure I had an idea. I gathered my partner in crime and we made a sign to place next to the rain filled pot hole that read as follows, “No Swimming Allowed.” Living in a neighborhood where humor is always on the fly, we knew it would be sure to gain a few laughs.
The next day our sign was GONE!!! Rustling out more construction paper it was time for round two and this sign read “No fishing either.” I was pretty positive that no fish were living in the water but didn’t want my neighbors getting any wild hairs.
A few days later the no fishing sign was swept away as well! It was time for the final sign that read, “Missing Signs, Reward Offered.” You know we never did get those signs back but the pothole was soon repaired.

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