Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Comes Together in Oklahoma!

My Grandpa turned 80, even though he says he’s only 40! All the aunts, uncles, grandchildren and cousins came together at Lake Murray to celebrate.
Even beyond waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing on the lake, nothing could compare to the appreciation I gained for my Grandpa that weekend. For the first time, he opened up and told us stories of every stretch. From working midnight to 9 a.m. for years and years to driving the school bus in his retirement years, I recognized his tremendous work ethic. I saw his passion for his family upon learning that he took my dad out driving in the country when he was in 5th grade and they got pulled over. When the officer asked for my dad’s drivers license my grandpa simply said, “He don’t got one!” The paper foiled their attempt to hide the ticket from my grandma when it was published in the local paper. When I asked my grandpa if he ever had a tattoo, he surprised me when he said “yes.” He went on to tell us there was a rooster on his chest, but all that’s left now is the tale end. His quick wit and sense of humor made the trip, for all of us.
Despite all the good conversation, my heart did sink at one point on the trip. My grandpa took the boat out for a spin. Sitting in the bow of the boat I was focused on the breeze and waves. When we halted to a stop, I whipped around to see flashing red lights...on a boat. Oh the boat patrol got us for something! My cousin had decided to stand up, unaware that it was illegal to do so in a moving boat. A quick slap on the "Tahoe" boat and we were cruising again, hoping this wouldn’t also be published in the local paper.

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  1. carri, you are such a creative writer!! i enjoyed every minute! what an amazing weekend we had together as a family. i loved every minute!!