Monday, October 19, 2009

The 80's Ladies Run Wild

The 80’s Ladies were dressed to the nines and ready to take on the “Run Wild Race” in authentic 80’s leotards. Flashy colors from head to toe was the only requirement of our theme.
Participating in running events and road races has always been at the top of my ‘to do’s.’ I believe this started because as young tots time outs and groundings didn’t exist. Instead, my brother, sister and I would have to run laps around the cul-de-sac for punishments. Somehow the cul-de-sac laps brought an enthusiasm to running for my brother, sister and I.
Road Races have never lost their excitement, but have become even more exciting when there is a special twist. Rockin’ the side ponytails the 80’s ladies were ready! I can assure you that competing in a race with water obstacles, splashing through a creek, jumping over hurdles, crawling over hay bells and doing high knee lifts through tires sprawled over the course does become complete when wearing lavender leg warmers.


  1. i loved doing this race! it was my absolute favorite road race of all time. it was fun to be goofy but get some exercise at the same time. can't wait till next years!

  2. this race was a GREAT! i dont know what was more fun - picking out costumes to run the race in, or the actual race itself! & then to finish it off with good food & good company - cant get much better than that :) i will definately be recommending this race to others, as well as do it myself again next year!