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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Freshly Made Cider

Cranking the wheel clockwise, I quenched my thirst by making fresh apple cider with an authentic apple press. Two pounds of apples picked right off the tree allowed me to make a whopping 12 ounces. Drinking the strongest cider I have tasted, I strolled through the restored cozy cottages and unadorned classrooms of the “old days” at the 35th annual “Lakewood Cider Days.”
I watched the craft and skill of knitters and lacers who are downright focused and incredibly patient. My curiosity came on strong as I had thoughts of driving an old John Deer tractor, or the 1932 navy blue classic car that caught my eye, or writing letters to friends and family on the type writer. Drawn in as I listened to cowboy tales and watched their roping skills accurately swoop around a group of twenty kids, I wanted to change into a prairie dress and stay awhile.
And by awhile I mean at least a week! This way I could drive that tractor, bake that apple pie and ride those horses! I’ll raise my glass of apple cider to cheer the storytelling of the cowboys and cowgirls, and cooks and craftsmen that allow legends to keep on keeping on.

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