Friday, February 4, 2011

Beyers Evans House

A historic home sits in the shadow of the Denver Art Museum, but it’s history shines more light than any building. Built in 1883, the elegant Beyers Evans House is located on the corner of Bannock and 13th Avenue is named after two of Denver’s most influential characters, William Byers and Gary Evans.

These two men were so influential that the Colorado Historical Society spent nearly 1.5 million to renovate the home that was donated from the Evans family around 1982. William Byers, the publisher and founder of the Rocky Mountain News, started the paper to spread the word about the great city of Denver that he knew was ready to prosper. After living there for six years, he sold the home to his friend Gary Evans in 1889.

Evans also had an agenda to put Denver on the map. He did so by establishing Union Station and expanding the tramway from Wyoming to Denver, because without it how could this city ever be discovered?!

The house is a discovery in itself. Restored from the time period of 1912 to 1924, the home displays original furnishings inside. As you study old games, pictures, art, radios, kitchen utensils, you know they are truly historic. You may wonder what the conversations were like at dinner, what brought this family the most joy, the most stress and closet together. And you know exactly who slept in the beds, brushed their hair with the combs, turned the butter churner or lined up the toy soldiers. That seemed to be the most magical part.

Tour guides bring in energy and will guide and engage you by telling you with interesting stories and fun facts they have learned along the way. And you never know who might show up…maybe some of the lineage of Gary Evans. Some of his family line is still in the Denver area and may show up on a tour to offer more stories about a home that kept two people that helped get Denver on its way.

*Tours are offered Tuesday through Sunday starting at 11:30 and take of every hour from there until 2:30!
The house is located at 310 Bannock Street.

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