Friday, January 21, 2011

Sushi In The Making

like to think I have made leaps and bounds with my cooking skill set. My family encouraged me to sit in the front row of Home Economics after I made my first pot of macaroni. The water boiled over while I was playing outside. I was given a second chance, but this time water somehow evaporated, poof! Gone just like that! And I was left with a pot with macaroni sticking to the inside. So I switched to Spaghetti O’s, but had a big enough bout with the can opener that sauce somehow ended up on the ceiling. And yes, this is coming from the girl that ended up in the emergency room while trying to cut open an orange, and cut open her finger instead.
So as you can see, cooking has not always been my strong point. I always forewarn anyone I am dating because I have heard that food is a way to a man’s heart, and not burnt macaroni. Well if that is true, I need to find a guy that loves eating sushi, because I must say, I made this A-ok, and it’s a blast to make!
I was intimidated as a few friends and I looked at all the tools and ingredients. We started with the rice…but good thing I was cooking with supervision. After the rice was done there was a packet at the bottom of the bag, I figured it was seasoning and went to work to find scissors. The supervisor halted and pointed out the packet said, “DO NOT EAT” But I was only focused on the Japanese symbols to recognize and English in the mix!
So lets get going on an easy way to make a delicious meal. Start by cooking the Japanese Rice. To make sure the rice is sticky enough to stay on the seaweed paper, add 1/3 cup vinegar and a tsp salt for every pot used and stir in after the rice is done cooking.
And now its time for the hands on. Take a handful of rice and form into a log shape, and place it on the dull side of the seaweed paper and spread evenly. Now, flip the roll onto its backside and keep it on the sushi mat. Add custom ingredients in longer thin slices horizontally.
Suggestions are cucumber, avocado, carrots, ahi tuna, crab. Then roll the sushi starting at the end closest to you. Use the mat to help sturdy and secure it by wrapping it around the folded sushi. And now cut into pieces and the sushi is on!
If I ever need a creative way to spice up some friends with friends or have a night with family, I will never again cook macaroni, the sushi wins every time.
Carri Wilban

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