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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hiking around Lair O' The Bear

A quick blog for a quick hike around Lair o’ the Bear just ten minutes west of Morrison, where you will find a trail system to explore! Go left, go right keep on keepin’ straight, but you will find some surprises along the way. I felt like I was in the “Choose Your Own Adventure Book,” and my adventure took me to see a beautiful view of the town of Kittredge.
There was some others on the trail that found a beautiful view of Dunafon Castle. A castle surrounded by evergreens that was completed in 1941 and is a residential property that is also used for occasional events.
It seems that when you hike and have a summit or goal in mind you are determined and forget to stop and smell the roses. But this is the type of hike you stop to smell the roses and might even goof around a little. Tight ropewalk across fallen trees, climb them, or stop to chat with others on the trail. A great place for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, picnicking, and all the while, to see different wildlife and plant life, at a pace everyone can keep up.

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