Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harlem Globetrotters

Hot to Trot! Since 1927 and The Harem Globetrotters are still in business. The red and white striped shorts have gotten longer, but the skills, entertainment and athleticism are still strong. These basketball stars rock their moves and rock around the court to “Sweet Georgia Brown.”
The show is really tailored to the young kids. But who wouldn’t break out a smile to see the these basketball maniacs make a four point shot, dribble on their knees, or even dribble in circles around their opponents, and even end in some type of a break dance and ohhhh ya, score a few more points.
Audiences get involved whether cheering or making their way onto the court for a magic trick, to put up some points on the board or compete in a dance contest. 29 Trotters on the roster, and all have played college ball and now travel to keep the tradition of something that is much more than just basketball.

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