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Friday, November 12, 2010

A trip to the Greens (Golfing)

You know how people say to do something once a day that scares you? Well, I took that advice and went golfing. The day started on the driving range, and things seemed to go smooth enough. Time to hit the par three. Which I agreed to, thinking it was three holes. Well, nine holes later, I was wondering, what the heck? I could barely get that ball to go two feet, or straight. It was a rough day.

I thought by putting this off until snow is usually covering the ground, I could once again put this off until next year. I know I don’t have the golfing blood in me. And golfers would agree. I made divots and I struck out.

But really, lets be honest. I am glad I went. It doesn’t matter that I don’t foresee myself ever owning my own set of golf clubs, checkered pants, and fancy for golfing only shoes. And the more I golfed, the more I realized, it didn’t matter that I was in the foreign weed traps, sand, and playing I-Spy for my ball all day. I had fun. I learned to laugh at myself, even when others were laughing “with” me.

And best of all…I hear practice makes perfect. So I am going to keep at this. And I am giving you a fair warning. If you are driving near a par three and a ball flies past your car, maybe I improved my drive (not aim) and please feel free to look over and wave! Ill hit you with my best-shot…fire away!

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