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Monday, November 15, 2010

Festival Frenzy ends

The festival frenzy is now over. Tallying up the ballots last night proves the audiences were generally ranking films in the “excellent” and “very good” quality. And the festival overall, would fit right in that category for me.

Screenings, exciting parties and receptions are all extraordinary, even when you are running on a mere four hours of sleep from night to night. The Late Night Lounge is another primary reason! You tell yourself, I am going to head in and out. But then you meet someone who shares your passion and production, and you keep treading the night. Until, what, the sun is already saying hello once again.

The energy and people of the festival keep you going. When you are about to catch yourself in a yawn, someone somehow will always inject the energy shot. Fascinating filmmakers, some of whom empty their own pockets to send out a message. A passionate staff that truly values the Denver Film Society and would never see this just as work. And benefactors and patrons who value and promote film in Colorado. I would start it all over tomorrow again if I could, and you betcha I am already gearing up for the 34th Starz Denver Film Festival.

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