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Monday, November 1, 2010

Denver Gorilla Run

Let me hear your best gorilla grunt! WhooWhooWhooo!! The Mountain Conservation Fund deserves all of our best gorilla grunts, as yesterday marked the seventh gorilla run. A run where the costumes speak for the cause.
There were more people in gorilla suits than there are mountain gorillas. The estimate of silverback gorillas- 740. Estimate of runners 1,030. The gorillas took through the streets of Denver, starting and ending at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Passersby always take a double take…when else do you see such a furry sight? Awareness definitely caught on.
This year I was not behind my gorilla suit to run the 4.6 miles, but behind my camera to capture the story of such an important and inspirational organization.
When the fund was started there were about 150 mountain gorillas left in the entire world. Now there are an estimated 740, and with the gorilla-sized hearts of the staff, the number will surely keep growing.
Of course, it’s always a major thanks to everyone all furred out for the fun.
The spirit of these gorillas will make you go ape. Wearing full on gorilla suits you sweat for the precious mountain gorillas. Most every gorilla has gone bananas, dressed as the Flintstones, Baton Twirlers, and Mardi Gras Gorillas.
I expect you will be out there next year as well to save your closest relative, gorillas

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