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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Union Station Denver

Yes, it’s true, a blog on the KS city Union Station, right to Denver’s. I am on a Union Station kick, so jump on board again, because Denver has also got a story to tell. The film “A Portal to Progress,” highlights the stories of the people and events behind the Denver Union Station. Without the dedication of Denver pioneers we would not have such a rich history behind our city. Our Union Station allowed for easy travel to bring in commerce and people.

The Colorado Preservation, Inc., played the film as part of the “Saving Places Conference” to spread the word about the importance of preserving historic places, and not just tearing them down to rebuild something newer. in reality, these building can be restored at a much smaller price and cost to the environment. Plus, they have a story behind them, and a classy historic architecture!
Here we go on the history! Cheyenne, Wyoming had completed its line on the transcontinental, but Denver was not about to be left behind. Playing catch up, the city made plans to build its own railroad, the Denver Pacific Railroad, and made headway to Cheyenne. About ten years later the city went all out and made Denver’s first Union Station, which burned down 13 years later. After it was off the ground again the station was sending out 80 trains a day in the 1920’s and 30’s. Still in 1958 Union Station was serving more people than the Stapleton Airport. But, like all of the other railways, they started to loose business to air crafts and cars.

Union Station is not a major transportation hub anymore, but without it our history would not be as plentiful as it is today. And new news, plans are underway to make Union Station a 24 hour hub again and bring together many transportation modes. Saving the building was first, now bringing it back in action is next. So who knows, maybe the next place we will meet for a cuppa Joe will be Union Station under the bright red fluorescent lights.

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