Monday, April 19, 2010

Doors Open Denver

Out the door to Doors Open Denver.

Have you ever wondered what the top of the Daniels and Fisher Tower looks like, or the holding cells inside the new Detention Center, or even the inside of the pristine Governor’s Mansion?

This weekend in Denver was the weekend to get your curiosity covered. If you didn’t make it this year, Doors open Denver is an annual event held to celebrate the architecture and history of Denver. Very knowledgeable volunteers were located throughout each sight to answer questions and fill you in on the history.

The new detention center has been rebuilt to hold courts, offices and room for 1,500 inmates in the five level building. Inmates move in at the end of the month, so this was the one and only chance to see the holding cells. Everything from the the pods, medical facilities and court rooms were open to take more than a quick peek. Officers and captains were staioned throughout to share stories, and if you hung out a little longer the one on one converstions really sparked some crazy stories.

If you didn’t want to spend the day in jail there was plenty more to see! My mom, sister and I talked one of the owners of the Daniels and Fisher tower to letting us take the stairs to the seventeenth floor, the line to the elevator was pretty intimidating. The top floors are reserved for special events in a lavish setting, even complete with a spiral staircase. The capacity is 120, so I say we start rallying the troops now and rent this place out. The balconies overlook Denver and we could get an up-close look at the clocks that make the building one of the most recognizable in Denver.

The next day, I found myself at the governor’s mansion. This site can be seen on days outside of Doors Open Denver, but hey why not take advantage of the right now! Extravagant gardens on the outside were just as exquisite as the inside. Sitting down and having a cup of tea in one of the many sitting areas would never generate any complaints by me! One thing you might want to see for yourself is a Waterford crystal chandelier that was once housed in the White House in Washington, D.C. !

When one door closes another opens and I can’t wait to walk through more open doors next year!

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