Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Arvada Kite Festival

Colorful kites swerving against the blue sky back drop made for some high flying fun at the 8th annual Arvada Kite Festival. We’re talking planes, princesses, sharks, eagles and whales.

About a year ago I was ready to take my beautiful hot pink butterfly kite out for a spin. I though the kite was ready to go UP UP and AWAY but instead went UP to the SIDE and SMACK into a tree. Poor thing never even stood a chance against that piece of wood.

Despite having to bury a mangled kite, the spirit of the flyers started to reach beneath my sails. I came kiteless but watching the wind catch kites and take them for a ride was plenty of entertainment.

I found my favorite kite. Teal, Black and purple combined with a unique design. I came to find out it was handmade and took the owner three North Dakota blizzards to assemble it. A close up look showed the precise stitching and craftwork. I better not even get my hands on that one, especially with trees nearby.

But the experienced kite flyers assured me that if the many elementary school age kids could figure it out, I could figure it out. I think with this spring weather coming around, I am going to have to adopt new kite and join the high.

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