Friday, April 9, 2010

Majiang at Seven Cups

Tea cups ready to tip and chinese tiles ready to strategize. That’s what it’s all about on a Thursday night at the Seven Cups Tea House (1882 S. Pearl St. in Denver) where you can play Majiang. (Mahjongg) And have no worries, no experience is necessary, and you don’t even have to pronounce Mahjiang correctly, just jump right in.

Here is some quick background on how to play. You need four players, and the game is similar to Rummy. Some degree of luck is involved but you skills and strategy are more important to win. Each player is dealt anywhere from thirteen to sixteen tiles, depending on the variation. When you’re up, you draw a tile and discard one. To have the winning hand you need four combinations of three tiles and a pair of matching tiles. The combinations have to follow the same suit, these include bamboo, characters, dragons, and they have to follow each other in numerical order. So a four, five, six of dragons would count as one of your winning hands.

It costs two bucks to play and you most likely will buy a cup, and once you have a cup a pot of tea. Yes, it really is that good. The tea is hand picked in China, and good luck making a decision, there are over ninety teas to choose from! Don’t be shy, the staff is very inquisitive on knowing the story behind the tea. And to top of the tea, check out some of the unique desserts! See you soon for some Majiang.

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