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Monday, December 7, 2009

Jump Street

When is the last time you said the words, “one, two, three, four, I declare a seat war!” Lucky for me, that was today. That’s right, I am past the prime of my childhood years, but I brought it back!
Driving past Jump Street quite often, has made me more than a little curios about the laughter I could hear bellowing from the walls as I drove by. Finally, I had my chance to run up the walls of this indoor trampoline playground.
My friend Gina and I stepped onto the trampoline that was 30 times the size of the one I played on growing up. We were running up walls, sliding down the walls, practicing cart wheels, having seat wars, knee wars and even made a new friend. She was about 2 feet 7 inches and she came to see if we wanted to play tag.
The game Gina and I were playing earlier definitely needed some pizzazz so we agreed. As we chased our new 5 year old friend around I turned to Gina and asked her if this was considered bullying. But we soon learned that the little girl was darting left to right in speeds that I could not keep up with.
After our heart rates came down from an intense game of running and leaping from trampoline to trampoline a little kid ran right up to and said, “Look there’s a big kid!” I nodded my head with a smile, knowing I still had the “kid” status.

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