Sunday, December 13, 2009

Genghis Khan Exhibit

If there is one person I would avoid a run in with, I would choose Genghis Khan. A walk through the exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science would most likely have you thinking along the same lines. I quickly learned that Genghis Khans' distinctive leadership style led him to conquer more than half the known world, starting in his teenage years. The Mongolian leader crafted nomads into warriors and rewarded them for their loyalty.
The exhibit will take you on a journey through the 11-16th century. This follows Genghis Khans life, his sons and grandsons, who continued his legacy. Many objects that were crafted and used by the tribes are on display, such as robes, ornaments, their version of passports, trebuchets and catapults. Several of these have only been seen in Russia and Mongolia, which makes Denver one lucky city!
I would have gladly followed Genghis Khan, seeing as they were the most powerful tribe. However, I thought seriously about joining another team when I learned followers had to wear their shirts till they disintegrated. Even if I had to wear every last stitch of my shirt, it would be a 'stitch in time' that would be worth it.
Make sure you see Genghis Khan conquer Denver at the Museum of Nature and Science before February 2010 or it will too late, they were nomads after all.

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