Monday, November 30, 2009

Seven Passenger Bike

The inventions people come up with truly are astounding. While passing a board of advertisements one in particular drew my attention. I decided my family was about to encounter an experience they surely had never seen coming. Soon I organized for my entire family, grandparents included, to come up to Fort Collins.
Upon arrival, they all walked around this one of kind “seven passenger bicycle” with perplexed looks. “Does it actually work?” said one. “How fast does it go?” asked another. “Lets take it for a spin and see,” I said. With seven people pedaling and others following along waiting their turn, we took on the charming Old Town Fort Collins.
It definitely gained a lot of attention, laughs and of course some confused looks. Even the chief of police had something to say. “Excuse me, I am going to need you guys to come over here.” Startled, seven heads turned to see that there were even more police officers behind him. Knowing we could never escape, even with the power of seven pedaling, we steered over towards them.
The chief of police wasn’t out to arrest us, he just wanted a picture with us. A sense of relief flowed as we snapped a quick picture and continued to head down the road.
I have never seen my grandparents laugh so hard, or so many curious people. It’s always entertaining to try something new and different, especially when it stops traffic.

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