Sunday, November 1, 2009

Golden Bike Tour

The hooting and hollering of nearly two hundred people accompanied the blaring stereos and honking bike horns. For Golden, Colorado this scene simply marks a traditional bike tour held on the last Tuesday of the month. Those from nearby cities and towns come together to cruise through one of Colorado’s most picturesque cities. But as the riders will tell you, it’s more about the people than the scenery.

As I pedaled with the locals, I came to realize most people come out for an energy boost. It is on this ride that strangers become friends. Chatting away with the riders, I paced with the crowd, a crowd that displays all sorts of apparel. Some wear Halloween type costumes, others plain street clothes, and some go so far as a three piece business suit, complete with dress shoes.

The sun was already setting halfway through the ride, forcing bike lights and bike reflectors to make their debut. Not even the sunset can keep these riders from calling it a night. As you can tell from the picture I had to call it a night before even making it home.

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