Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do at the Zoo

The highly anticipated Asian Tropics at the Denver Zoo becomes closer to opening every day. The exhibit gives a home to endangered Asian Animals such as the one-horned rhinos and Malyan tapirs. One goal is to educate the public on a global effort to save these endangered species.

The progress is helped by fundraising events such as Do at the Zoo. Already raising 3.5 million dollars for the exhibit since 2006 is only part of the fun. 60 restaurants set up shop passing out tastes from Denver's Top Restaurants.

This event showcases an array of restaurants, entertainment and drinks right to your senses. Sun dried tomato gnocchi, peaches and pound cake, grilled tenderloin, and crostinis with sweet pea are yours from restaurants like Black Pearl, D Dar and Duo Restaurant.

Local bands play in the background and animals roam from zebras, hawks and the occasional peacock. It's a cocktail affair for some with fancy animal print dresses and for others it's a little more casual with safari shirts and khaki shorts.

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