Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boulder Beach Palooza

It’s hard to say what drew me in more to the Boulder Beach Palooza; the pineapple hat or the series of obstacles lining the course. Good thing you can have both if you decide to become a paloozer. This race was held at the Boulder Reservoir June 11th.

Here you can break the bounds for 3.1 miles as you crawl up walls, across ladders and hop over makeshift wooden lily pads. Not enough? No problem. There’s also a noodle forest made from those bendable fluorescent noodles we used to stay afloat on as kids, and heck even as adults.

My favorite obstacle was the bigger than life pit of beach blow up balls that must have taken an army to inflate. Then get ready to take a running start and maneuver through the stacked pile and you soon separate yourself into the paloozer category. Well, almost. I think the true test comes when and if you decide dive into the water wit and finish by army crawling under the ropes. With that you can sprint with whatever energy you can muster up to get the pineapple medallion.

And I would roll the dice and say most people were ready to keep paloozing right on into the better part of the afternoon. Participants and friends from the race joined in the sand for awards, costume contests and a great band that had everyone jamming. Combine a race, obstacles, good cheer, music and what better way is there to spend the afternoon that all this with a spiffy pineapple hat on your head.

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