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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cell

Even the word terrorism sends chills. 9/11 has brought the threat, thoughts and awareness of terrorism to my generation. It is no longer something we thought only threatened countries outside the U.S. and rarely heard about. It is real, and as “The Cell” exhibit will teach you, it can happen anytime, anywhere. Not meant to scare anyone, but to bring awareness and confront myths and facts regarding terrorism.
The facts are simple, lives are shattered, they are worldwide, can hit home, and many different tools are used to carry out the violent acts. How about when cell phones or lunchboxes are made into bombs, and sometimes disguised in the mail. One of the most shocking parts was to see children under the age of ten, gripping machine guns, trained and forced to kill. For a lot of them, it is kill or be killed.
The interactive exhibit goes through the history of terrorism , along with the methods terrorists use to help understand why and the impacts it has worldwide. It might not leave you with the creative effect of an art museum, or the history of the Natural History Museum, but it is important. Terrorism isn’t going anywhere, but the knowledge and education to learn how to be aware of it and what you can do to help can be found right in Downtown Denver.

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