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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Denver Derby Party

The first Saturday of May marks one of the greatest days in fashion history, and a great excuse to wear a dynamite hat. The Derby! I will admit, I paid more attention to hats, than I did the actual Kentucky Derby. There, I admit it, I fell in love with the beads, feathers, flowers and scarves that gave each hat a personality. And here's why. The fashion of the Kentucky Derby is one of the integral parts. I love that the history of the Derby continues, and the fashion stays classy.

Men walked across the red carpet at the Denver Botanic Gardens in seer suckered suits, pastel plaid jackets and spiffy sport suits. Women stuck to classic spring dresses covered in floral patterns or polka dots, and of course the wide brimmed hats that I wish I could wear everyday, or at least every other.

The Denver Derby Party at the Botanic Gardens was more than an excuse to dress up in classic Southern Style and aerate the lawn with stiletto heels. The special occasion will put scholarship winner, Fred Herrera through four years of school at Colorado State University and room and board. The derby is not out to make a killer profit, 100 percent of the proceeds go toward funding a scholarship each year. I will tip my hat for that.

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