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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Castle Trail, Morrison Colorado

Beautiful trails criss cross all over Colorado, but there is one trail with an extra majestic ending. Castle Trail is located two miles outside the charming town of Morrison. The trail is fairly steep and is shared by hikers, walkers and bikers.
After a three mile climb to the top there it is! The remains of a castle atop Mount Falcon, which was once the home of John Brisben Walker in the early 1900’s. He lived here while he was building a summer home for the presidents to vacation in. After a fire destroyed his home in 1918 the project was put on hold and never completed.
President or not, who wouldn’t want to vacation here? You can’t go wrong with what direction you look. The west, you have the mountains, to North is Denver and Red Rocks, and the East and South holds the calming plains.
A look at the remnants make it easy to visualize the structure of what was once a mansion complete with many fireplaces and large stone walls. As I walked through the remains I though back to a visionary man who built the place.
John Brisben Walker is responsible for the Denver Mountain Park System and even built a railroad up Mount Falcon, which was the longest running cog railway system at that time. I peeked my head out west of what would have been a very large window and tried to put myself in Walker’s top hat. If I could take away anything from this hike, besides the endurance I gained, I would hope it would be the innovation and enthusiasm this man left behind.
If you are looking to add a little excitement to a hike you have to try out Castle Trail! From Denver: Head South on C-470 and go West at Morrison Road. Turn left at the second light after the small town. Follow signs to Mt. Falcon Open Space Park.
And if you have not yet experienced Red Rocks it is just a red stone’s throw away.

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