Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Square Grouper

The Square Grouper, rounds them up! So it’s true, there is the perfect bar. The Square Grouper, situated on the Castaways Marina in South Florida, puts paradise on the map.

All you country fans or Jimmy Buffet fans may recognize the name. Yes, this is the spot where Alan Jackson's, “Its' Five O'Clock Somewhere” video with Jimmy Buffet was filmed. Music keeps this place jamming, live music here six days a week! And you always secretly hope J.B. will make a surprise appearance, and sing out “Margaritaville.” Heck, I’ll look for that lost shaker of salt all night, if it means I get to kick it at the Grouper!

My experience was made by the splashing colors. And we are not just talking about the blues of the ocean, greens of the forest, or yellows of the Coronas…the tables at the bar are all painted a different pastel color. LOVING IT! J.B. might not recommend the bar for this reason…but we would surely agree that it is enticing when there is sand sourrounding your table, and the ocean is a quick two feet way. I am a groupie of the square grouper, no doubt.

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